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Thesis cover

Do you have great ideas for the creation of a beautiful thesis cover, but you don’t have the skills to create it? ProefschriftMaken will be happy to assist you with the design of your thesis cover. We have a great team of professionals who are working on thesis covers every day.

It is important that your cover page stands out! Therefore it is important that we discuss all your wishes, ensuring professional assistance throughout the process. Based on your wishes our team of professionals will develop the best cover page possible.

Thesis cover page: standard or creative

For the creation of your thesis cover, you can choose between two options. The first option is standard, with a default layout for the cover. You can create a simple example yourself in a program like PowerPoint. To create a professional design, it is important that you deliver all the footage separately. This ensures that our professionals can adequately incorporate it in your cover page.

The second option for a thesis cover is the creative design. After explaining your wishes and ideas, you will get the option to choose between two designers following their style sheets. Once you’ve chosen, you will talk with our graphic designers to express your expectations. Discuss all your wishes and ideas with your graphic designers to create the perfect cover!

Thesis cover with glossy or matt laminate

When it comes to protection, it is wise to choose a laminated thesis cover. The laminate also gives an extra nice look to your thesis cover. You can choose between a glossy laminate or a matt laminate. A matt laminate gives the cover a calm look, while a glossy laminate is ideal for a cover with various colors or colorful photos.

The importance of a professional designed cover page for your thesis

Your thesis is the result of research and years of studying. Therefore, the cover page of your thesis needs to stand out. A great thesis cover design, developed by our team of professionals, will stand out and amaze your assessors. Graduate with style and confident as we can help you design the perfect thesis cover.

Print your thesis cover in various methods

ProefschriftMaken uses various methods, each with their own assets. After we receive your inquiry and your wishes, we will advise which method will be the best of use for printing your thesis cover. We have two printing options when it comes to printing cover pages.

Inkjet printing

Inkjet, which is suitable for a thesis cover with a lot of text and continuous color quality. Because of the wide range of possibilities with inkjet printing, we are able to print on various different paper types. Because of this, there will always be a suitable thesis cover that collaborate with the content and design.

Toner printing

The other option for printing the cover page of your thesis is by using toner. Toner printing is used for printing detailed images such as x-rays. Another advantage of using toner printing is that it gives your thesis cover a glossy and therefore exclusive look. Just like inkjet printing, toner printing can be used on different paper types, which makes it a popular choice for our customers.

Full support and years of experience

Besides great quality, we offer the best options within every budget. Also, we understand that finishing your thesis can be stressful and very hard at times. ProefschriftMaken offers you their experience and full support during this process. This way we will ease the process a little bit for you, so you have less things to worry about! Use our years of experience, personal service and knowledge to develop the perfect cover for your thesis. It is possible to send you a free sample thesis so you can check, feel and experience our quality at forehand.

Let ProefschriftMaken design your thesis cover

At ProefschriftMaken you are at the right spot for the creation of a perfect dissertation cover page. Request a free quotation online or contact us by phone: 030-200 61 89.