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Design and print your thesis using the service of Proefschrifmaken! The end of your research is in sight and the time has come to print your thesis. Besides printing theses, Proefschriftmaken can also assist you in the production process of other digital products such as eBooks and ePubs.

ProefschriftMaken has an extensive service offering concerning the design and printing of theses. You are free to choose your preferred layout, the type of paper and the actual print. However, we will help you throughout the entire process ensuring the best results. Our manual can be downloaded for free. Inside you will find several tips, tricks and a pick of the most popular paper types. These examples help you get an idea of what designs could work best for your thesis.

Designing and printing your thesis

A thesis or digital production can be designed or printed by ProefschriftMaken. Do you want us to take care of the design as well? That’s definitely possible! If so, we would like to receive your (design) preferences and final product. If you are not sure about the actual layout or design, please have a chat with one of our experienced designers. They will be able to guide you through the entire process and make sure you end up with a professional thesis or digital production.

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  • A review score of 9,4 from Kiyoh
  • The most competitive prices of the Netherlands
  • Full support during the printing process
  • Quality guarantee
  • Personal advice
  • Locations throughout the Netherlands
  • Group discount
  • Free sample thesis
  • Years of experience
  • Own print shop

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Very responsible and nice printing with fair price!

Yingying - University of Groningen

I appreciated the prompt feedback to my communication despite staying abroad. You are good communicators

Hakizimana Emmanuel - Wageningen University, Entomology Laaboratory



The team was very professional and responded quickly throughout the document review process

Kuda - Radboud University in Nijmeigen

Heel flexibel en er wordt met je meegedacht

Faline Plantenga - Wageningen university & Research

Very good contact with the printer. Excellent quality of printed the PhD thesis.


Ik ben heel tevreden over de afhandeling en het eindresultaat

Jony van Hilst - Amsterdam

Flexibiliteit. Klantgerichtheid. Duidelijkheid.

Ellen Wemmenhove - Wageningen Universiteit

Zeer klantgericht; goede communicatie; goede prijs-kwaliteit verhouding; goede service

Jeroen - Tilburg University

Goede communicatie Strakke tijdsplanning Goede ondersteuning bij ontwikkelen van het eindproduct

Martijn - Wageningen Universiteit

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