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ProefschriftMakens’ reader service shop

ProefschriftMaken is not only the right place for the production of books or poetry collections — we can also support you with the production of readers or syllabi and develop a reader service shop. Many things have to be taken into account when producing syllabi and readers and we understand that you do not always have enough time for everything involved. You have to think of many things, such as the lead time, content, copyright and layout in your own house style. Also distribution and invoicing take up a lot of time. That is why we would like to take over this whole work package for the production of readers from you

WUR Reader Shop

In the meantime, we have already set up a reader shop online: the WUR Reader Shop. We provide this service to the Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Be sure to take a look around in the WUR Reader Shop! Here we take care of all activities concerning the production of readers, so that our clients have more time for their core task: providing quality education. But what exactly do we offer when we talk about the production of syllabi? This is what you can expect from us:

  • Reader service: this is an online environment in which teachers and coordinators can produce readers. After production, they can check a digital example of the reader and upon approval, make it available for students.
  • Reader shop: this is a web shop for students to order the required readers and also pay for them.
  • Production and shipment of the readers according to the print-on-demand principle: production of the reader starts upon order. And of course, it will be shipped directly as soon as it is ready.

Professional Readers, without the hassle!

Advantages of a reader service shop

You can greatly profit from help with the production of readers and having a reader service shop. You save time and money and you have insight in the production and distribution process 24/7. Next to that, instead of your organization, the students pays for the reader, so you do not have to deal with invoicing and keeping debtors records. Also good to know, is that we can supply the syllabi and

readers in your own house style. You can rely on professional support and you have one contact person, to make sure that everything is and remains perfectly clear all the time.

Besides the reader service shop advantages for your organization, there are of course also advantages for students. The readers and syllabi are being delivered to their house, which is usually a significant plus for students. Next to that, prices are competitive, and that always makes students happy, and we put everything on one invoice. In conclusion, you will be happy to know that we accept various payment methods, such as iDEAL and credit card. And we offer the option of payment in instalments.

Interested in a reader service shop? Contact us!

Do you need help with the production of syllabi and readers, in which we will support you during the entire process? Please request a consultation with us, in which we will tell you all the possibilities of reader shops and all other things you want to know. It is best to contact our reader service advisor, Ben Riezouw, directly. You can call him on 030 200 6929, or send an email to, to that we can explore together whether we can meet your wishes and needs.