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What can we do for you?

Thesis service

Write your own thesis and let ProefschriftMaken manage the editing and printing process. The end of your research is in sight, meaning it is time to print your result. ProefschriftMaken offers a wide range of services. You choose the right design, paper and printing options yourself, but we are always available if you require additional assistance.

If you need tips, tricks or examples, you can order our manual for free. The manual gives you a great overview of templates for your thesis. This helps to get an indication of the best thesis format available. In addition to printing a thesis, ProefschriftMaken is also your main source for digital productions, for example eBooks and ePubs.

We have many years of experience in printing thesis and preparing manuscripts. In 2019 we assisted more than 1,200 PhD students from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. A high increase is visible through high customer satisfaction.

Thesis editing and printing

ProefschriftMaken is the right place for digital productions, we are here for the thesis service you need. Your thesis can be delivered as a hardcopy or in a digital format. ProefschriftMaken can adjust your hardcopy thesis to the following digital formats:

  • Ebook –  Digital version of a book, in which it is also possible to display animation videos
  • Hyperlinked PDF –  This includes a table of contents with hyperlinks to the text
  • Epub  – An Epub can be opened on iBooks or Adobe Digital Editions and be read on an eReader
  • Application – This option includes audio and video options which are available on Iphone and Android.

The digital formats produced are based on your own material. They will be published online, but if you like to have them in hardcopy, it is possible to choose between the three printing methods; Inkjet, Toner and Offset. In addition to these printing methods you can also choose between different types of paper.

Thesis quote

Do you want to quickly and easily request your thesis quote? Tell us exactly what you want and we can easily calculate the price of printing and binding your thesis for you. Printing your thesis can go with various types of binding. The price for binding and printing a thesis depends on a few factors. Think about the following: how many pages do you want printed and bound, maybe your own personal configuration, or how many pieces of your thesis you would like to order. The thesis quote also depends on whether you want extensions to your binding such as a book ribbon or corner.

The thesis quote also depends on how fast you would like your thesis to be printed. The duration it takes to bind and print a thesis depends on the editing and printing options you choose. Besides that, the duration depends on where and how you make the order. You can easily place an order through a thesis quote request. The advantage of the online quotation request is that you don’t have to wait around in the store, you can actually do everything from the comfort of your home. If you would like to discuss some different possibilities, then the best option is to visit one of our copy shops. We have shops in:

Order thesis at ProefschriftMaken

You can request a free thesis quote online at ProefschriftMaken. Would you like to ask some questions before? That is no problem, just contact us on 030-200 61 89 or e-mail and ask for the possibilities! We can make your thesis fast and for a good price. Do you have a deadline? No worries. Do you just have any questions about the quote of your thesis? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are ready to answer all your questions. No questions at all? Order your thesis now!