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Achieving sustainability through reducing our impact on the environment

When we speak of environmentally friendly companies, we tend to not think of companies that use massive amounts of paper like we do. Still, we try our best to lessen our impact on the environment. Proefschriftmaken feels extremely responsible for reducing our ecological footprint, as we use tons of paper every year. We try to offer our customers different options, which each help to lessen the pollution our production causes.

That’s how we do – together with, and for, our customers

We recently started a project in collaboration with Trees for All in which we offer our customers to plant a tree when placing their order. When placing your order, you can opt to plant a tree for a one-time five euro fee. We will add another five euros to that, so that we end up planting two trees together. This way we cancel out the CO2 emissions caused by our production, whilst simultaneously giving back to nature.

White Zero 100% recycled, this is the standard

Eco-friendly choices for a circular economy

Less waste, less pollution and saving on resources. That’s our mission on working towards a healthy environment based on the idea of a circular economy. We offer our customers different options during production of their book, so that they too become environmentally aware.

Our paper types

The paper we use is either FSC certified or recycled. We use recycled paper for the cover and the inside of the book. The pages are made of 80grs White Zero paper which is 100% recycled and is our standard, while the case is made with 300grs Recystar Nature. We chose to work with White Zero paper as our default choice for the pages as it is recycled and of extremely high quality.

Not only do our types of paper have positive effects on nature, they are also perfect to print on. Because they are white sheets, without any discoloration or bumps, printing on them is very easy. Our supplier offers us even more possibilities, which include printing high quality photos. For this we generally use ironed types of paper such as BalanceSilk 115grs.

Sustainable, even online

We don’t just work on printing physical books, we also publish books on the internet. This is the most sustainable way of publishing a book. By doing this online, we don’t have to produce or ship anything. Many of our customers choose to print only a small amount of physical books and focus more on their digital launch. We encourage customers to give friends and family a physical copy, while sending those who live further away a digital copy.

Want to produce your own environmentally friendly book? Let’s get in touch!

Want to start making sustainable choices when it comes to publishing your own book? Let us know about your wishes! Together we’ll work on making your concept a reality.