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Thesis Printing

ProefschriftMaken can professionally print your thesis! We have a specialized team ready to print your manuscript. We can print your dissertation in different ways depending on your wishes. The service we offer is useful during the different writing phases of a dissertation. ProefschriftMaken can help you out with the editing, designing and printing of your document.

Professional thesis printing

Before we start the printing, we look at the quality of the document. Are the colors, as well as the headlines, in order? Does the whole document look good, professional and technically correct? You are completely free to choose your preferred printing method, but we would like to advise you on the various possibilities such as inkjet, toner and offset printing.  Choosing the right type of paper is the final decision in the thesis printing process.

Thesis printing in various methods

We pay attention to the quality of the printing technology, we want your thesis to be printed in the best format available. This approach ensures that your thesis is printed in a way that is optimal for you. One of the methods is inkjet.
Inkjet has the following benefits:

  • Suitable for a lot of text
  • Continuous color and quality
  • Wide choice in paper types
  • Fast delivery
  • Production is possible from 1 copy

The other method is toner, this method has the advantage that it is:

  • Suitable for detailed images, x-rays for example
  • Print with glossy look
  • Wide choice in paper types
  • Production is possible from 1 copy

When you have decided on the paper type and printing method, your thesis will be produced. After completion, ProefschriftMaken gives you the opportunity to do a final check, before printing the full order.

Thesis printing at ProefschriftMaken

Do you like to use ProefschriftMaken for thesis printing? Contact ProefschriftMaken by email or call us on 030-200 61 89 and ask for the possibilities!

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