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PhD thesis

Many PhD students are now in the final stages of writing their PhD thesis. However, you are not finished after writing it as the design and the printing of your document has yet to take place. Have you taken a special cover page into consideration, ensuring your dissertation stands out? How do you make sure all charts and tables are readable and printed out nicely?

Print your PhD thesis

ProefschriftMaken can assist you with every aspect of your PhD print, including the design of the document. We offer three different printing methods; Inkjet, Toner and Offset. If your PhD thesis consists of a lot of images or charts, we recommend using the toner method. If your documents contains mostly text, we advise you to make use of the inkjet method. To see an in-depth description of printing methods, check our website.

Design your PhD thesis

Before you can print your PhD thesis you need to design it properly. You can make use of our design services. ProefschriftMaken offers a standard and a creative service. Both services contain the following elements:

  • Font and font size
  • Line spacing
  • Formatting of the heads
  • Title pages of the chapters
  • Bookmarks
  • Index
  • Headers and footers
  • Tables and charts
  • Figures

With the creative service you can adapt the design and ensure it fits your requirements. The standard service will make use of a default layout.

Print and design you PhD thesis at ProefschriftMaken

Do you want us to assist you with your PhD thesis? Contact us by phone: 030-200 61 89 or by email: