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Have you just entered the last part of writing your thesis at Wageningen University? Or are you almost there? Then you need to think about more things than just writing. Besides writing, there are a few things that are really important for submitting a good thesis. These things include choosing the right type of paper, printing options and creating a professional cover. So if you are looking for more than just printing at WUR, Proefschriftmaken can help you at the Wageningen University to create a phd thesis that is almost perfect.

WUR printing and thesis specialist

ProefschriftMaken has its own thesis specialist available at the Wageningen University.

The thesis specialist can help you if you have any questions or concerns regarding printing or designing your thesis. If you are looking for more than just a place at WUR to print, you can visit the thesis specialist at the ground floor of Forum 102.

Services of ProefschriftMaken

At ProefschriftMaken, we can help you in the process of creating the perfect thesis. We offer more than just printing. The services of ProefschriftMaken include choosing the right type of paper, creating the perfect cover and thinking with you about the layout. There are a lot of different types of paper that are available to choose from. We help you with making the right choice. Besides thinking about the type of paper, you need to decide which printing option you want. We offer three printing options at ProefschriftMaken: inkjet, offset and toner. After these practical matters, we create the design and cover for your thesis.

Questions about ProefschriftMaken?

Are you already interest in printing your thesis at the Wageningen University? Or do you have questions regarding the services of ProefschriftMaken? Then you can visit us at ground floor of Forum 102. If you don’t have the time to visit, you can also reach us on the phone by calling +31 317 228080.

Baran MetinBaran Metin
11:30 20 May 22
Fantastic company, personalized service, individual recommendations. very approacable and accessible. I really had an amazing experience working with Proefschrift Maken and I recommend all PhD fellows to consider working with them.
Gabriel OteroGabriel Otero
09:35 13 Apr 22
They designed and printed my PhD thesis book. It was a very good experience. They showed a lot of commitment and did a great job. I'm very satisfied and happy with the result.
Ahmed HosnyAhmed Hosny
16:47 25 Mar 22
Proefschrift is a highly professional team and I highly recommend them for anyone. They took great care in responding to my questions and offering guidance regarding book layout and printing materials. They even helped me with shipping the books to multiple recipients.
William CookWilliam Cook
08:04 22 Sep 21
I'm in the middle of printing my PhD thesis with Proefschrift Maken. They have been timely and EXTREMELY helpful with accommodating all my mistakes and needs. Very positive experience thus far. I will leave an update when the final order is placed.Edit: I have now completed the process, and my thesis copies have been delivered to the university. This was an extremely positive experience. Any flaws or confusion was entirely on my end. The staff is friendly, helpful, and responsive to questions. I cannot praise them highly enough. 10/10.
Donya MadjdianDonya Madjdian
16:05 20 Sep 21
Highly recommended; short and fast communication lines, smooth process, good planning/schedules, efficient and flexible (the team takes a lot of work off your hands which is great), helpful staff, and an amazing product/book.