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Radboud University printing

Have you just finished up on writing your thesis or an essay at the Radboud University? Or are you almosting finishing up? Then you probably need to start thinking about a few practical matters, such as the cover, layout and the type of paper you might want to use. You can use the printing facilities at Radboud, but you can also use our services at Proefschriftmaken. Proefschriftmaken has a team of experts that can help you deliver the perfect thesis. Our team can help you in creating the perfect thesis.

Printing options

There are multiple printing options available at Proefschriftmaken. We offer the following printing options: inkjet, toner and offset printing. Each of these options has its own benefits and disadvantages. After you have decided which printing option you want to take, you have to choose between the type of paper you want. We offer different types of paper. Choosing the right type of paper is the final decision in the process of printing your thesis at Proefschriftmaken.

Services of Proefschriftmaken

At Proefschriftmaken, we can help you in the process of creating the perfect thesis. Our services include choosing the right type of paper, creating the perfect cover and think with you about the layout. So we offer a lot more than just printing. We help you with creating the perfect thesis by thinking about the design and layout.

Questions about Proefschriftmaken?

Are you interested in using our printing services in Nijmegen to print out your thesis or essay? Or do you have any other questions concerning the services of Proefschriftmaken? If that is the case, you can visit us in Nijmegen at Sint Annastraat 288, 6525 HD Nijmegen. Do you have other questions or concerns regarding our products and services? Then we are also available on the phone. You can reach us on the phone by calling +31 24 2001299.

Working with Proefschriftmaken is exciting at many levels. They respond very quickly, fully respond to each question you raise and deliver on time. The quality of their production is excellent. I was proud to present the books to my PhD committee and friends.
Eric ShumanEric Shuman
17:11 12 Jul 22
Had a great experience printing my PhD thesis with them!
Ursula TruebswasserUrsula Truebswasser
07:58 11 Jul 22
Excellent service, very professional, fast and flexible! I had to make several last minute changes and the team accommodated all of it! I am really happy I had my PhD thesis designed and printed by Proefschrift maken.
Xiaomei YueXiaomei Yue
13:15 04 Jul 22
Nice experience working with the printing team, especially with Marian, super attentive, patient, creative and responsible!
Jan VerbeekJan Verbeek
10:49 20 Sep 20
I choice this company after analyzing many other companies. They send the cheapest offer, but I had some major problems with them.First off all their communication was really bad. They called on a Friday night at 10pm because they couldn't fix a print on a certain document.Second the didn't deliver all the prints so I had to wait another week for their delivery.Third the thesis books which they delivered were crumpled and some pages were even missing or at the beginning of the book while they should be at the end. I called them about this, but the could only say that they were sorry no discount or what so ever.Also on all the finale print there were QR codes on the back of the book. Which I certainly didn't agree on and was not on the proof a received, again only a sorry.So in conclusion please pay a few more bucks to print your thesis at any other company so you will get the thesis you want.---After I have posted this review I got contacted again by them, this time I received a most humble apologize. The send me new books to compensate for the damaged ones plus additional. I also received hardcover books as a compensation for my problems. All the new received prints were what I expected from them at the first time.I think they have learned form this experience and I believe they will do better in the future.