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You have written your dissertation and now it is time to design and print it. Nobody can assist you better with these tasks than ProefschriftMaken. Our team has all the in-house knowledge to make your design and print wishes come true. We are only satisfied with the result if it matches or exceeds your expectations.
ProefschriftMaken assist and helps over 800 international PhD students annually. We can assist you during the whole process or just at the end. It is obvious to wish for your product to look fantastic after 4 years of hard work. We can arrange that for you!

Design your dissertation

A dissertation demands a substantial amount of effort from PhD students. Fortunately, our service is more than complete. We ensure that you can hand in a dissertation that looks fantastic from both the outside and the inside. In addition, we will check the print quality of the files and rotate landscape pages. The text is converted to 100% black and cuts are added to the files. Our experts provide feedback on the looks of the document. Subsequently, a test book is printed for reviewing purposes, hence assuring the best results.

Print your dissertation

If you want us to print your dissertation, you can choose from three different printing methods. The first method is the inkjet method, which is most suitable for a thesis that contains a lot of text. In addition, the inkjet method is consistent in both quality and color output. Moreover, production is possible from a quantity of one. The toner printing method is the second option available and is ideal for a thesis that has detailed photos, such as x-rays. Offset printing is most suitable if large quantities are desired that require an accurate color reproduction.
With all printing methods, you have a wide choice of paper types available. Our team can help you with this.

Let ProefschriftMaken design and print your dissertation

Do you have any questions about the services we offer? Contact us directly to find out how we can assist you with your specific situation. Contact us by phone: 030-200 61 89 or by email: info@proefschriftmaken.nl.