Download ProefschriftMaken App

ProefschriftMaken App

  • Download app to a desired location on your computer. You should first unzip it. Recommended tools are WinZip or 7-Zip (for Windows) and The Unarchiver (for Mac OS).
  • Double-click ProefschriftMaken (.exe or .app) to start using it. As soon as you have launched the app, it is added automatically to a menu Extra (on Mac) or to a menu in the Notification area (on Windows) associated with following icon
Launching from the desktop (Mac/Windows)

Double click the ProefschriftMaken icon on your desktop to start the app.

Launching from the menu bar (Mac) or taskbar (Windows)

To launch the app from the menu bar/taskbar

  • Right-click the icon . On Mac, the icon can be found on the right side of the menu bar (at the top of the screen).
  • On Windows, the icon can be found in the Notification area of the taskbar (at the bottom of the screen). If the icon is not visible, you may have to add it to the taskbar first.
  • Click ProefschriftMaken to launch.
  • The app is launched immediately
  • The app is meant to make it easy for you to send your files to us, and communicate details about the production.
  • Provide us the files, by selecting all files you wish to send and dragging and dropping them on the app:
  • At Job Delivery check [as one job, named] and enter your ordernumber. Also check [Always use this settings]
  • After the files are uploaded, please login with the ordernumber and code which are communicated in the quotation confirmation. Also choose which part of the process you are submitting files for. Leave the box [Use for all other jobs] unchecked at all times.
  • The form will be filled with details known to us, you are also able to communicate your wishes concerning the specifications of the production and delivery addresses in these forms. Filling in the form is self-explanatory.
  • Press: Save
  • Your files are being sent
  • You can see this in the Jobs tab of the app.

Right click the icon in the menu bar/taskbar.

This submenu has two other options:

  • Delete: Removes the app from the menu and resets the local app. It does not remove the app from your system. If the app is launched afterwards, it will be added to the menu again.
  • Reset: Resets the app i.e. the user preferences, the settings cache, the printer and the Plug-ins, if any. The ProefschriftMaken app will not be removed from the menu.

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We have close relations with the following parties

Universiteit Wageningen Proefschrift
Proefschrift Erasmus Universiteit
Universiteit Tilburg
Vrije Universiteit
Universiteit Utrecht
Universiteit Amsterdam
Universiteit Twente
Universiteit Eindhoven
TU Delft
Universiteit Leiden
Universiteit Groningen
Universiteit Radbout
Universiteit Maastricht
Universiteit NWO

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